About Us


A Peaceful, harmonious and prosperous region attracting local and international confidence.


To revive, secure, and restore the dignity and self-sustenance spirit of Hiiraan.


1- Improve the Security level of the region;
2- Hasten the reconstruction of the regional infrastructure;
3- Foster harmonious working relationship with the federal government, other regional administrations and the general public;
4- Improve the delivery of fundamental services and products;
5- Strengthen district level administrative structures and systems.

Quick Facts About Hiiraan

  • Hiiraan is larger than Rwanda and Singapore combined in terms if area size
  • The first president of Somalia hailed from Hiiraan
  • So is the current president of Somalia
  • Shabelle River originates from Ethiopian highlands and touches Hiiraan before any other region in the country
  • Hiiraan was one of the first 6 administrative units of Italian Somaliland before independence